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About Our Powerchair Hubcaps

Our powerchair hubcaps attach using Velcro to your existing wheels. To get the right fit, you need to determine what sort of wheel you have. We've provided some sample wheel styles here to give you an idea of what attachment method to use with your wheels.


Open Spoke Style Wheels

Open spoke style wheels are wheels that have spokes that you can easily wrap a piece of Velcro around. Therefore, for open spoke style wheels we recommend choosing the Velcro strap attachment method. Choose the number of Velcro straps per wheel cover that you'll need to attach the wheel cover to the wheel.

The image shown here has a 5 point spoke configuration per wheel - so for this wheel style you'd choose the 5 Velcro strap option attachment method. To install the wheel covers, simply wrap the Velcro straps around the wheel "spokes" and adjust them until they are tight against the backside of the wheel. You can trim off any extra Velcro with scissors if necessary.


Closed Wheel Style Wheels

Closed wheel style wheels have tire hubs that are generally made from one solid piece. In other words, you can't easily put anything through the wheel's "hub" to the backside of the wheel nor can you "see through" the "spokes" of the wheel to the other side. For this style of wheel, we recommend using the Velcro tape method for wheel cover attachment.



Step 1:

Applying Velcro tape to the wheel

Step 2:

1) To attach wheel covers using Velcro tape, simply take the provided double stick Velcro tape and apply one side to the center of  the wheelchair wheel that has been cleaned thoroughly and is free from dirt/grease or other contaminants. We recommend using 4 pieces of Velcro tape per wheel cover to ensure a strong bond.

2) Next apply the matching side of the Velcro tape to the back of the wheel cover. Then match up the tape on the back of the wheel cover to the tape on the wheel and press firmly into place. The industrial strength Velcro holds the wheel cover firmly on the wheel.  

How Do I Clean My             Powerchair Hubcaps?

Hubcaps are easily cleaned with a damp soft cloth. A mild soap can be used on the plastic side of the wheel cover if necessary (such as a mild dish soap) or a gentle window cleaner such as Windex.  Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners as they can scratch the plastic surface.